Reliable energy supply: Robust lithium-based batteries for e-Vehicle applications

Fast cars, rugged LCVs, strong trucks, and buses that can handle the everyday endurance of modern public transport. We supply leaders in transportation with standard as well as tailored battery cells to suit their particular purposes.

e-Vehicle Series

e-Vehicle: modular and scalable – for every need

e-Vehicle Series is no longer only the electrical propulsion of vehicles such as buses, communal vehicles made for transportation, special vehicles, motorcycles or scooters: A wide spectrum of electrical powered vehicles, fully electric, Hybrids or Mild-Hybrid solutions are entering our everyday lives more and more. Besides the propulsion of vehicles, the electric powered systems are increasingly being applied cooling systems of trucks in cities and emergency vehicles for on-board for medical devices. As well as expedition vehicles or motorhomes. Caused by a diverse range of requirements, e-Vechile has one common goal: To create and ensure long-term sustainable mobility-solutions.

In this case, batteries play an important role as energy-storages. With its lithium-based batteries HDA is implementing a versatile industry standard. The certified and tested quality of the HDA batteries ensures the necessary safety. The local battery-management-system provides an easy and quick integration in existing and new solutions. By reason of a local development department, HDA is able to create custom-made propulsion- and or internal power supply system, applicable in prototypes or in pilot series.

Tailored energy solutions

New developments for special requirements often stand in need of custom-made solutions by means of individually manufactured battery systems. Next to standardized high-performance modules, HDA also provides customer-specific battery modules, from concept, design up to the realization.

With special manufacturing and prototyping, HDA is able to fulfil the individual requirements, such as form, capacity and power. The battery management system can be customized to fit into the architectural solutions of the customer and therefore provide a quick and simple integration.