Simultaneous Simplicity & Complexity of Nature Behind the Scence of Our Tailor-Made Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System (ESS/UPS) is a game-changing technology that has the ability to store energy for later use. ESS not only addresses solar intermittency but also enhances grid resilience by actively managing mismatches between electricity supply and demand.

In the midst of an exponential increase in the demand for electricity and the proliferation of grid connected renewable energy sources, the task of stabilizing the power grid and the efficient use of energy has become a global concern. 

e-Storage Series

Batteries are the gateway to the new

grid, microgrid, ship, car, airplane…

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are becoming central to reliable and high-quality power delivery. Maximizing the value of BESS means pushing BESS control to its limits WITHOUT sacrificing battery life. Controller Hardware in the Loop real-time simulation lets you perform high-fidelity tests on every level of your BESS Controllers at every level to ensure you meet your client’s needs.

  • Lower project risk;

  • Reduce time to value and reduce control development costs;

  • A wider test coverage, including full system-level operation, extreme voltage conditions, faults, and communication layer tests;

  • Time and money savings compared to Power testing.



We didn't only bench-marked the way we choose our raw materials; we're using the same way, the same raw material which Tesla & BMW are using. This is where everything starts, "Q" of Quality!


Cells are the Bricks of HDApower's ESS Complex, Although Suppliers were chosen carefully and accuratelly to be the best, we test every single cell in house to make sure quality continius flowing.


This is where the main difference has been made by HDA's solution development center. we design the battery module tailor to our client requirments; making sure we cover augmentations and expansions by addressing future probable demands and scenarios. We already enabled you to have deeper analytical report by converting complex battery data to meaningful usage information.

e-Storage Series

This is now a safe, flexible and sustainable system, compatible with emergency power, energy stabilizer, energy shifting, load sharing, grid stabilizer, frequency responding, EV charging stations and wind turbine pitching systems.


  • As introduced, we do tailor-made solutions. Therefore a better understudying of your specific requirments. To have, please contact our team!