Road continues into the ocean with our Tailored marine system

Tighter emissions regulations, lower margins and more complex applications mean today's marine battery industry beyond having enormous performance has three basic requirements: to be environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and safe.

e-Marine Series: powerful and reliable on the water

Certified battery technology meeting the highest standards for E-Marine environments

In order to glide across the water at full power, electric-powered vessels require reliable and powerful propulsion solutions.

HDA provides robust 1 to 900 Vdc battery solutions, even for the harshest of sea conditions. HDA‘s battery systems are dustproof and have a tightness level to withstand heavy water splashing up to IP67. HDA battery systems are designed for the most demanding applications, whether on land or in the water. The batteries can easily be integrated into new or existing systems thanks to our modular “PU” system. HDA’s maritime battery systems are modular and can be flexibly adapted to the most customer requirements. HDA batteries are characterized by their robust housing and the possibility of a flexible 360° installation, which is especially valuable in terms of retrofitting.