It must be tailored to your needs by its nature, just as we do!

HDA has developed Battery Modules for worldclass 3D Warehousing Shuttles, used in automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), as well as Batteries for large industrial AGV’s for automotive internal transport and manipilation. HDA can customise standard modules or develop tailored battery packs meeting your specific demand. HDA is specialised in Battery Solutions for

  • fast charging,

  • extreme ambient temperatures,

  • remote control

  • inductive charging.

e-Mobility Series












Power Tools

Flexible and powerful battery solutions to the highest industrial demands

Companies in the construction, industrial, and logistics sectors depend on durable, powerful equipment to get the job done. No matter how challenging the conditions or application, industrial-grade equipment and special vehicles without mains electricity must on demand 24/7 operate reliably, efficiently and at full power. At HDA, we develop and manufacture robust and powerful battery solutions that reliably provide the power required, even in harsh environments. Our battery systems are engineered to withstand dust, dirt and extreme weather conditions as well as mechanical loads. 

The use of our battery systems in the industrial environment significantly reduces emissions in many areas. With HDA battery technology, industrial companies can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, noise levels, and CO2 emissions during operation. Low maintenance and operating costs have a positive impact on total costs of ownership and enable significant savings potential.