Battery production will increase 40 times in 10 years
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Battery production will increase 40 times in 10 years

Global battery production capacity, which is currently 160 gigawatt-hours, will increase to 6,600 in 2030. This means a 40-fold increase in production.

11 Month ago

According to the report titled "Zero Emissions in 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector" prepared by the International Energy Agency, in order to reach the battery production capacity foreseen for 2030, a facility with an annual production capacity of 35 gigawatt-hours, approximately 20 units per year, must be built.

While a radical transformation is needed for the global energy sector to reach the zero emission target in 2050, the concentration of this transformation in the electricity, transportation and production sectors is of great importance in terms of reaching the targets.

According to the report, while the progress of battery technology means an increase in the demand for the critical mineral used in this field, the demand for lithium will increase 30 times in 2030 compared to today.

According to the report, which points out that critical mineral resources are not found in the same country or region, the increase in the experience and capabilities of companies specialized in mining will enable the demand for these minerals to be met at more affordable prices.