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HDA Enerji follow the principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions in its recruitment policy.

Employees are treated fairly for their all rights. Orientation and training policies are created to increase the knowledge, skills and personal development of employees and to help them adapt to their responsibilities at HDA Energy.

The main purpose of our selection and placement system is; People with a high level of education, open to innovation and change, have entrepreneurial talent, dynamic, have the potential to develop themselves and their skills, train employees, team work, and will adopt and embrace company values.

Business Opportunities

general application

We are looking for teammates to work within HDA Power, this post is for general application purposes.


The future belongs to those who dream, not to those who criticize.

Always have the courage to be yourself and most importantly do what you love

Stay Blessed



Technical support

We offer professional solutions for light electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

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