Our Quality Policy

• With a participatory understanding and rational approach, our Quality Policy has been adopted to be based on the following basic principles.

• In mission and vision; A leading company that pioneers the human focused approach for the development of science and technology.

• In management processes; participation, transparency, fairness and accountability,

• In production processes; quality, efficiency, effective planning,

• In technological product production; competitiveness, scientificity, universality and continuity,

• In R&D activities; entrepreneurship and innovation

• In determining goals and objectives; realism and measurability

• HDA Power; Aim the continuously increasing satisfaction by accurately identifying the needs and expectations of its internal and external stakeholders and offer services accordingly.

• HDA Power focuses on effectively managing and continuously improving Quality processes.

The future belongs to those who dream, not to those who criticize.

Always have the courage to be yourself and most importantly do what you love

Stay Blessed



Technical support

We offer professional solutions for light electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

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